Split peas & leeks soup

This is a nice winter soup and a good idea to use leeks’ green…You can add spinach or any vegetable you like!

To make it you will need:



  • 120 g split green peas
  • 350 g leeks
  • 750 ml broth ( vegetable or chicken)
  • A few fresh sage leaves ( or mint or any herb you like…)
  • 100ml cream
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Olive oil or butter



  1. Soak the peas for 2 hours in fresh water bowl.(It will reduce the cooking time)
  2. Wash and cut leeks.
  3. In a pan, cook leeks with a tablespoon of olive oil or butter for 10 minutes.
  4. Add split peas , drained,and fresh sage leaves.
  5. Add broth ,cover and simmer until split peas are softened, 40 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
  6. Add cream and blend .(or not…!)
  7. Enjoy with bacon if you want.

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Galette des rois 2019

In France, we always start the new year with the traditional “galette des rois”.

This year, I had the pleasure of baking 3 different types of galettes:


The traditional, with puff pastry & frangipane cream.




The brioche made with pralines. Every summer I come back from France with a bag of Pralines from Lyon… I love them so much!



   This time,  I’ve tried a new recipe, adapted from Christophe Felder: Pistachio/Raspberry…It was delicious!





Sweet sweet new year…


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Happy new year!

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Fantastik Chocolate/Pistachio

Christophe Michalak is a “master” of French pastry and he is a famous source of inspiration for me. He created some amazing dessert named “Fantastik”. Today I realized one with Chocolate & pistachio.


The recipe is simple: The base is made with shortbread, rice crispies & chocolate.

No need to bake!

I made a ” chocolate crémeux” and a white chocolate & pistachio Chantilly.

Caramelized pistachio & little chocolate balls for the decoration.

Done : the cake is colorful, tasty and …fantastic!





A verrine with the leftover…Yummy!


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Apricots “linzer” tart.

Apricots season is short! They are such wonderful summer fruit, I especially like their acidity! Today I made a “linzer apricots tart”. The recipe came from Mercotte, my favorite french pastry blogger: Thank you very much for sharing such amazing recipes…


In a mixer, using the paddle attachment, beat 75 gr of butter with 75 gr of sugar until creamy. Add 50 gr of hazelnut flour and mix. Add one egg , mix then  add 125 gr of flour with 5 gr of baking powder, and mix until just combined. Flatten between 2 sheets of parchment paper and chill in the refrigerator. After a few hours, roll the dough in a pan and keep the leftover for the strips.


While it rest, cook the apricots with sugar & vanilla to make a “compotée”. (Of course, you can also use jam…it’s easier!). Let it cool and fill the crust with a layer of apricot’s  sauce.




Lay the dough strips across the tart to create the lattice.  The dough is very fragile…so be delicate! Place the tart into the fridge for thirteen minutes . Pre-heat the oven to 350°F(180°C). Before baking, brush the crust and lattice with an egg wash. If desired, sprinkle the crust with almond’s flake then bake the pie for 45/50 minutes.



Cool on a rack and sprinkle with confectioner sugar.
















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Salad for summer!

I’ve been having fun with a new appliance toy: The spiraliser… As if I still had space in the kitchen for a new tool! Yes, I bought a spiraliser. And I don’t regret it because it made me try new, fun recipes, such as this salad. Fresh, colorful, easy… everything I love!


I spiralised carrots & zucchinis and cut red cabbage, red pepper, spring onions, cilantro & peanuts while the quinoa cooked.



I then made a sauce with peanut butter, rice vinegar, sesame oil & Sriracha hot chili sauce: A perfect seasoning for a tasty salad!

The result was marvelous,surprising and very fresh.


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A very special birthday cake

Another special occasion for baking a cake: A birthday cake for my friend who turned 58. Girly and springy…but delicious for the eyes and surprisingly very light!

  Adi Klinghofer bakes amazing cakes shapes like numbers and letters. She is so creative: she decorates the cake tops with fresh fruit, cookies, meringues, macaroons or fresh flowers to create a unique and colorful cake. I’ve wanted to make a number cake for a long time, today was the perfect occasion and I had a lot of fun!


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