How it works

Your personal Chef for a luncheon, a french dinner , a cocktail party


We will start by discussing the size and theme of the event, your preferences, any dietary concerns and come up with a menu. I encourage you to consider what produce are seasonally available. Once we agree on this, you can sit back and relax – it’s all up to me.

I will have a look at the kitchen to ensure that I have all that I need to cook. I will bring any additional utensils and equipment if required.

Although I will not be providing beverages, I can give you advice in wine and food pairing.

On the day of the event, I will start by purchasing all required groceries. Where possible, I strive to buy the freshest locally produced, organic products.  Then I will be using your kitchen to start preparations for the meal. Once the event is in full swing, I will be cooking and looking after the food presentation on each plate.


After the cooking is over, I will clean up the kitchen.

Please be aware that although I do not provide table service, I can provide contact information of various providers.