Customer reviews


3 Responses to Customer reviews

  1. Adankens says:

    I was recently invited at a cocktail party where Amuse Bouche was the caterer. Everything Christine served that night was not only a pleasure for my eyes, but also for my taste buds, from fresh “verrines” to amazing bite-sized tarts and mini crèmes brulées (my favorite French dessert!). When I left that night, I knew whom I will hire next time I have a large party: it will be Amuse Bouche with not an ounce of hesitation!

  2. Philippe says:

    Christine combines deep culinary talent with a flair for artistic presentation and creativity. Since I have a sweet tooth, I love the fact that she also shines in the dessert category, including her colorful and delightful macaroons!

  3. Leila C says:

    Being French and a foodie, I truly appreciate refined French cuisine when I taste it. I hired Christine for an event and the delicious food and gorgeous presentation she delivered did not disappoint. Her savory “amuse-bouches” and her dessert miniatures can compete with some of the great caterers of France–Hédiard, Fauchon, beware!

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