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Split peas & leeks soup

This is a nice winter soup and a good idea to use leeks’ green…You can add spinach or any vegetable you like! To make it you will need:     120 g split green peas 350 g leeks 750 ml … Continue reading

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Galette des rois 2019

In France, we always start the new year with the traditional “galette des rois”. This year, I had the pleasure of baking 3 different types of galettes:   The traditional, with puff pastry & frangipane cream.       The … Continue reading

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Happy new year!

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Fantastik Chocolate/Pistachio

Christophe Michalak is a “master” of French pastry and he is a famous source of inspiration for me. He created some amazing dessert named “Fantastik”. Today I realized one with Chocolate & pistachio. Fantastic! The recipe is simple: The base … Continue reading

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Apricots “linzer” tart.

Apricots season is short! They are such wonderful summer fruit, I especially like their acidity! Today I made a “linzer apricots tart”. The recipe came from Mercotte, my favorite french pastry blogger: Thank you very much for sharing such amazing … Continue reading

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Salad for summer!

I’ve been having fun with a new appliance toy: The spiraliser… As if I still had space in the kitchen for a new tool! Yes, I bought a spiraliser. And I don’t regret it because it made me try new, … Continue reading

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A very special birthday cake

Another special occasion for baking a cake: A birthday cake for my friend who turned 58. Girly and springy…but delicious for the eyes and surprisingly very light!   Adi Klinghofer bakes amazing cakes shapes like numbers and letters. She is … Continue reading

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Le fraisier: the most elegant strawberry cake

Fraisier is one of my favorite fruit cakes. I was so happy to make one for my friend’s birthday. The cake consists of two layers of “génoise”, soaked in simple syrup, filled with “mousseline” cream, fresh strawberries and topped with … Continue reading

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Watercress velouté : Simply green

This is a basic recipe :  Serve as you like with Salmon, bacon, toasts topped with melted cheese or simply crème fraîche…  don’t forget a glass of crisp white wine!     Ingredients for 4: 500 ml  vegetable stock 1 … Continue reading

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Salmon with lentils, chorizo emulsion

Today I concocted a new & creative recipe: Since I had salmon in the fridge, black lentils in the kitchen cupboard and leeks in the cellar, I was wondering how to cook these ingredients! I found some chorizo which I … Continue reading

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