Les financiers

Today, I wanted to try my new toy: a “Demarle” mold that my friend, Isabelle, brought back from France. I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to use it! These molds are amazing. This is what the manufacturer says:

“Flexipan® is made with a combination of fiberglass and silicone. This allows the mold to be flexible, and gives it its non stick quality. It offers a long life durability to the product, making it possible to use it around 2500 times.You don’t need to grease the Flexipan®. You will still be able to unmold the product without breakage. You can use it to bake (+280°C) or freeze (-40°C) sweet and savory products.”

I decided to make some ‘Financiers’. I had some left-over egg whites in the fridge. I added almond powder, sugar, butter & a pinch of chocolate : that ‘s it.

The result is perfect, the recipe easy to made and those little cake are simply delicious with a cup of tea…


Thank you Isabelle.

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