Traditional “galette des rois”


I simply could not resist baking THE traditional  galette today!

It is not so complicated: we need puff pastry, made with butter, it is better…(Butter= better…ah ah !) and an almond cream.


The recipe :


  •   120gr of Sugar
  •   120 gr of Butter (room temperature)
  •   120 gr of ground almond
  •   2 eggs
  •   1 yolk
  •   2 rolls of puff pastry

For the almond cream:

Whip the sugar and the butter until it becomes creamy. Add one whole egg (but keep whipping), then the ground almond and then the other egg. Mix well. Let it cool.


The galette:

Make  or buy the equivalent of 2 rolls of puff pastry. (The puff pastry must always be cold when you work and bake it). Roll puff pastry and cut  in two circles. Brush a 2½ cm (1 in.) band of egg’s yolk around the surface of one round and pour the almond cream in the middle,  spread it on the pastry while avoiding the sides. Put the other pastry on top and seal the sides together . Then with a brush, spread some yolk on the surface to give a golden color. Let the galette rest for 30 minutes in the fridge. Spread again with the yolk. With a paring knife, draw horizontal and vertical lines on the dough (without cutting it!) and put in an oven for 45 minutes at 350 F.


Once every year, in January…it is not too much!

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1 Response to Traditional “galette des rois”

  1. Anne-Sophie says:

    I just had my first “Galette des rois” baked by Christine of Amuse Bouche… Absolutely delicious! Her puff pastry is amazing (good butter makes a huge difference), and the amount of frangipane is just right and … so tasty! I am not sure I’ll bake my own Galette des rois again. Try it…

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