Les macarons

Macarons:  those little round, adorable, chewy & colored sweets, typically french.



The base of Macarons is a meringue, made with almond powder, egg white and sugar.

Then you fill them with white or dark chocolate’s “ganache”, jam, butter cream,  curd…as you like.

DSC_0002      DSC_0007      DSC_0016

Today,we have raspberry, lime & caramel with sea salt ( my favorite…)

 DSC_0040DSC_0023    DSC_0050



When I start making macarons, I can’t stop !!!





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2 Responses to Les macarons

  1. Cecil Ee says:

    Hello Christine. Your macarons look really nice. My daughter in California tried making them but they were lumpy and did not hold together very well. Any advice for her? Greetings from Divonne.

  2. HI Cecil,

    thank you for following my little blog!
    To make macarons , there is many rules your daughter has to follow:
    I have tried many many times before the result looks nice and eatable!!!
    # I always bake macarons with a ” meringue italienne”
    # I use old eggs white( one week) , room temperature
    # the bake convection in the oven is a must and ” indispensable”
    # temperature , around 300 degres F.
    # Be patient, meticulous and rigorous!!!
    I hope this could help your daughter to try again…
    Next time you will come to Boston, we should have a cooking workshop together!!!
    Have a nice holidays,
    warm regards from Cambridge,

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