Beetroot variations

  • 3 principal ingredients: beets, goat cheese, pistachios.
  • 3 different ways to make an entrée.
  • 3  gourmet pleasures, light, colorful and fresh.

Easy. A ” mise-en-bouche”: beet mousse with goat cheese chantilly and pistachios.


  1. Mix beets, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix goat cheese, cream, salt & pepper.
  3. Fill  a shot glass with the beet mousse. Then add the goat cheese chantilly on the top and decorate with a pistachio.

Moderate.  Beet Tartare: diced beets with goat cheese and pistachios.


  1. Dice beets in small cubes. Add balsamic vinegar, pistachio oil, salt & pepper. Possibly, add shallots and fresh herbs.
  2. Smooth goat cheese and combine with pistachio oil, chopped pistachio, salt & pepper.
  3. In a ring mold, place beet cubes, then add a layer of goat cheese and another layer of beet cubes.
  4. Serve with mesclun salad and a balsamic/pistachio vinaigrette.

More difficult. Beet and goat cheese “mille-feuille”: slices of beet, goat cheese and pistachios.


  1. Cut horizontal slices in the beet.
  2. With a round ring mold, about 2 inches wide, cut each slice to make a perfect circle.
  3. Smooth goat cheese with pistachio oil, salt & pepper, add chopped pistachios.
  4. Assemble the mille-feuille in the ring mold: place a slice of beet, spread with goat cheese and repeat another time.
  5. Carefully remove the ring, decorate with a pistachio and fresh herbs, then serve with mesclun salad, drizzled with a balsamic and pistachio vinaigrette.


Notes: Pistachios can be replaced by pine nuts, hazelnuts or any nuts you like.

Pistachio oil can be replaced by EVOO, hazelnut oil or any oil you like.

Make your choice, but keep beets and goat cheese !

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